Patricia G. Avatar
Patricia G.
There is nothing "fun" about unexpectedly needing a crown, but I love Dr. Jackson's "one and done" process, it works great for me. This was my second such emergency need and YaYa, Ebony and the rest of his staff are great about getting you in ASAP (very important!) and also about keeping you comfortable while you are there. A bonus is listening to the "Howard/Robin" style patter between Dr. Jackson and Ebony while they work, whatever chattiness Dr. Jackson lobs out, Ebony throws the ball right back and keeps it going -- that ease and chattiness really kept my mind off what was going on and especially, the "how much longer" thoughts I always am fighting! My experience was exactly as they described, virtually down to the minute I would walk out the door!

I have recommended a good handful of my coworkers to Dr. Jackson's practice and all have gone and loved him.
Traci W. Avatar
Traci W.
Dr. Jackson is the most amazing dentist you will ever meet. He knows how to handle the most difficult situation and makes the best of it. Be honest, the dentist is never someone you want to see. However, when it comes to getting things done...I would fly to Dr. Jackson to have him fix my teeth. The best part is...He will always be there with a smile!
Erica C. Avatar
Erica C.
Dr. Jackson and the whole staff are so kind, and they are always transparent about the expectations around treatment. Dr. Jackson has a great sense of humor and genuinely cares about his patients being comfortable. Also, an added perk - the downtown location is super convenient for those who work/live in the area!
Ryan D. Avatar
Ryan D.
I've been to about a dozen different dentists from Ohio to North Carolina and now Florida. I can say from my experience that Dr. Jackson and his staff are in a league of their own. I have never been to a dentist with so many amenities, so many types of medical technologies, and such friendly employees. The staff are all an absolute pleasure with which to talk. An Dr. Jackson is very professional, fun to talk to, and very intelligent. He is very open about what needs to be done and does not do operations without solid evidence. If we ever leave the state, finding a new dentist with this level of care, courtesy, and professionalism will be impossible.
Amilcar B. Avatar
Amilcar B.
Dr. Jackson and his team are super friendly, helpful, and quick. The hygienists are thorough and have a light touch. Just perfect!
Kacey E. Avatar
Kacey E.
100% recommend Dr. Jackson and his entire staff!!
My experience has been nothing less than exceptional.

I am new to the Tampa Bay area and starting from scratch to find new healthcare providers deems challenging.

After visiting 4 different dentists in the area, I finally found the “crown jewel,” Jackson Dental, and I will be forever grateful for the knowledge, professionalism and kindness extended to me during each and every visit!

I am one with many questions and a desire to know exactly what each procedure entails. Dr. Jackson and his staff goes out of their way to explain the details of the procedure before, during and after so to put my mind completely at ease.

This has been, by far, the most unique and comfortable dentist experience I have ever had, and I would definitely recommend Jackson Dental to my family and friends!
Vikash P. Avatar
Vikash P.
Great customer service, Dr. Jackson is probably the most happy and positive dentist I’ve ever met.
Troy W. Avatar
Troy W.
This staff and Dr. Jackson are amazing, thorough, caring, and use state of the art techniques that elevate them to the top of the dentistry podium. Well done and highly recommended
Carol T. Avatar
Carol T.
Truly THE BEST dental office in the area, with THE BEST personnel, with The BEST dental hygienist Annayh (spelling). My office did extensive research looking for the best doctor (mainly because we all had previous bad experiences). We all chose this office, not realizing that in addition to an experienced and professional doctor (who is so friendly and provides detailed information), the orginazation has a fantastic, very, very, modern and comfortable office. To top that off, you are treated like you are welcome and wanted there, and with the utmost respect. I have been going there 5 years now, and will pass 100 other offices and drive an hour and a half to get there. It was a rare find for sure, finding Dr. G. (Don't forget to ask him about the lion logo).
Lauren Y. Avatar
Lauren Y.
New Patient:
Professional, Friendly, Caring and Quick. Convenience is key for me. I work in the Bank of America Plaza so this is a plus! The professionalism and knowledge that Dr. Jackson holds is up to par and outstanding. He answered all of my concerns and worries. His staff explained everything from the moment I arrived, up until I left. The staff also explained everything my insurance covers and anything I would need to pay out of pocket. I am excited to begin a new journey with Jackson Dental to get my health in my teeth/gums restored. Thank you!
Andy B. Avatar
Andy B.
Jackson Dental rocks! As always, the whole team took care of me today - unmatched dental care and customer service - I drive past probably 60 other dental offices to get to Jackson Dental - thank you guys, you are the best!
Julian K. Avatar
Julian K.
Dr Jackson, Brittni, Yaya, Bianca, Norma and Hattie are my FAVORITE people! I have been going here for almost 3 years now after having a bad experience when I first moved to Tampa. They take the absolute best care of you and go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% happy. I completed Invisalign with Dr. J and the results have been nothing but AMAZING. DO NOT HESITATE TO SEE THE BEST DENTIST IN TAMPA!!!