• Lilly Flannery Avatar
    Lilly Flannery

    Needless to say we have been with Dr Jackson for quite a few years now. We followed him from his previous practice in new Tampa because we thought and continue to think that he is the best dentist in town not only is he the best but his staff is extraordinary. They are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable. The staff explains things in a clear manner and they are always looking out for your best interest! I strongly recommend Dr Jackson’s practice.

    Attila Hevesy Avatar
    Attila Hevesy

    I've had a LOT of Dental work in my life so I am a good judge of competent Dentists and today was my first visit at Jackson Dental. Dr. Phelps was extremely good at explaining my options and replacing a failing crown. This was the first time in my life I was able to get a crown milled and replaced in only ONE visit! The entire office was very friendly, accommodating and straightforward! I just found a new home!

    Michael Capotrio Avatar
    Michael Capotrio

    Jackson Dental 🦷 is a top notch practice. Each procedure offers new advanced technologies that enhance each visit. Dr Sheffield is completely professional and focused on the patients comforts and reassurance for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. All of the staff are professional and pleasant. The consistency has lasted years since I’ve joined. Highly recommended!

    Sara Jordan Avatar
    Sara Jordan

    My experience was great started out with Troy he was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and patient with me i had a lot of questions. Dr.Sara was great too! She went over what my best options were and helped me make a plan of steps to take to get my smile on point. Next was Kolby she was so nice and set my mind at ease and she did a great job on my molds for my teeth! The receptionist was very kind as well! I would recommend Jackson Dental in a heartbeat!

    Andre Bennett Avatar
    Andre Bennett

    Wonderful environment where the staff makes you feel comfortable. They respect your time and always on time. Giving Anna a shout out she's a great hygienist.

    Steven Brock Avatar
    Steven Brock

    Hands down best dental experience in my life. Going here since 2017. Their efficiency is my favorite trait. Super friendly folks and caring demeanors. Easy free parking in and out in downtown Tampa or just walk from home. I like to get a cleaning 3x a year so yea, I love them.

    Jennifer Bautista Avatar
    Jennifer Bautista

    I dreaded dentists in the past, it was never an experience I enjoyed, until I started coming to Dr. Jackson's office. The atmosphere is very pleasant, everyone is courteous and your appointments are completed in a timely manner. He has all the state of the art equipment and you never have to worry about a sales pitch. Thank you Dr. Jackson's team you are all awesome, specially Bianca!

    Mike porricelli Avatar
    Mike porricelli

    I have had a long history with Dr Jackson and his team. I have spent many hours getting all of my teeth replaced. I can say without a doubt that Dr Jackson and his team are the most professional, cleanest most caring dentist office in Tampa. They have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable even when I was not always the best patient. He was always there to make sure my teeth were perfect. I am glad to have gotten to know the whole team there and I can assure you, you will not find a better office with better equipment and nicer people than here. I am glad to not only consider Dr Jackson my dentist but a friend. I wouldn’t trust these pearly whites to anyone else!

    Stefania Crovesi Avatar
    Stefania Crovesi

    Always have a great experience here with every hygienist I’ve had over the last couple years, and of course with Dr. Sheffield as well. The front office staff also communicates really well and is always willing to go above and beyond to accommodate scheduling needs. Worth it to note that their auto emails and website are very clear and organized as well.

    Taylor Blohm Avatar
    Taylor Blohm

    Everyone in this office is phenomenal. They’re all so kind, intelligent, helpful, and have great energy! I 10/10 recommend making Dr. Jackson your dentist not only for his expertise, but for his wonderful staff as well.

    Grace Armijo Avatar
    Grace Armijo

    It’s difficult to find a great dentist but we finally found ours. I was able to get a same day crown and next day cleaning. Everyone was welcoming, kind, and everything was clean.

    Ashley Small Avatar
    Ashley Small

    They were very thorough with the X-rays and exam. The most high tech dentist I've ever been too. Amazing procedure! Def won't be seeing another dentist any time soon.

    Rakhi L Avatar
    Rakhi L

    I highly recommend this Dentist, I have been with Dr Jackson for 4 years now, and I couldn’t be happier.He and his staff are professional, genuine, caring and they don’t try to up sell you on things you don’t need, I actually look forward to going to my dental appointments. 🙂❤️

    Katy Wilkins Avatar
    Katy Wilkins

    Dr. Jackson is hands down the best! I moved over an hour outside of town, so I tried what I was told was the best dentist in that town and they couldn't compare. I now drive back to Tampa to see Dr. Jackson. The staff at Jackson Dental are all amazing: professional, comforting, and knowledge. Dr. Jackson is extremely skilled, attentive, and really cares about each patient. Highly recommend to everyone!!

    Selece Rivera Avatar
    Selece Rivera

    My husband and I have been searching for a great dentist for years. We struck golden with Jackson Dental. As soon as you step in the office the amazing energy you feel from the staff. The service is OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you for providing great service to your clients. We appreciate all you do!

    Sam R Avatar
    Sam R

    You know those offices with tons of magazines, stiff back chairs, and some daytime talk show host on the TV complaining about their drama in life who is trying to get you anxious before going into a dental chair!..Jackson Dental office is not that way at all! Very comfortable with nice chairs to relax in with refreshments.
    Has the same feel as a living room in your own home.
    Staff is always friendly and very professional. Procedure rooms are very clean and no archaic instruments coming at your face. It continues right into the dental chair with a nice view looking down at Kennedy Blvd to keep you relaxed.
    I always look forward to my bi-yearly visit there and you will too.

    Brittany Avatar

    Dr. Jackson and his staff are absolutely amazing. They are so friendly and funny. They make the dentist not so scary. Brittany was also very helpful in returning phone calls with questions and trying to get you in as soon as she could, so amazing. Dr. Jackson’s dental assistant (nora) was so attentive to my needs during my appointment she was the sweetest person ever. Dr Jackson always tell you funny stories to keep your mind off of dental work, he makes you feel like a family/friends. Wonderful office to have any dental procedures or work. I highly recommend! They take the best pride in your dental needs and make it exactly what you could ever hope for. Beautiful office as well. I want to make this my dentist for as long as I live in Tampa!

    Maria Atkinson Avatar
    Maria Atkinson

    I’ve been a patient of Jackson Dental for a few years now. Dr. Sheffield and her team at Jackson Dental are always accommodating, courteous, friendly, and compassionate. Both Dr. Sheffield and her team go out of their way to make their patients feel comfortable. I’ve had cleanings, fillings, and crown replacement, they never treat me differently, regardless of service. They make my visit pleasant and also provide superior service. They really care about their patients. I highly recommend Jackson Dental for all your dental needs.

    Megan Stewart Avatar
    Megan Stewart

    Such a beautiful and clean office. Staff is very friendly and my hygienist gave me so many good tips I have never heard before. They are also taking Covid precautions very seriously so I felt comfortable.

    Brittany Avatar

    Dr. Jackson and his staff are absolutely amazing. They are so friendly and funny. They make the dentist not so scary. Brittany was also very helpful in returning phone calls with questions and trying to get you in as soon as she could. Dr. Jackson’s dental assistant was so attentive to my needs during my appointment. Wonderful office to have any dental procedures or work. I highly recommend! Beautiful office as well.

  • Kurien Mathew Avatar
    Kurien Mathew

    Check-in was quick and simple, the office was great about contacting me ahead of time so I wasn’t waiting. The dental assistants and hygienist were very knowledgeable and super nice! I decided to come to Jackson Dental after seeing all of the reviews and they lived up to the 5 star status! I’m glad I’ll be here for my future primary dental care.

    Lauren Bussmann Reid Avatar
    Lauren Bussmann Reid

    I always have a wonderful experience at Jackson Dental. The office is clean and has outstanding COVID procedures, the team is incredibly friendly and helpful, and the location is convenient. Highly recommend.

    Monique Tuya Avatar
    Monique Tuya

    I’ve been to Jackson Dental twice now and each time was a wonderful experience! The staff are welcoming, caring, and a joy to be around. I felt like I’ve known them my entire life, and I just met them! I was running late to my second appointment for a teeth cleaning and was still treated with respect. I was soaked from the rain when I came in and was immediately brought back and given a blanket. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars! Thank you Dr. Jackson, Brittany, Bianca, and anyone else I missed! 😊

    Katie Conroy Avatar
    Katie Conroy

    Best dental office I've ever been!!! Between the support staff and Dr J. himself, they do an amazing job! Hardly ever an in office wait and they are always calling with openings in case I want to change my scheduled appointment to an earlier date (shoutout to Brittany, she's the best)! 10/10

    Sarah Young Avatar
    Sarah Young

    Dr. Sheffield is the bomb! Front office staff are great and Bianca and Norma are fabulous. You won't be disappointed with Jackson Dental! Highly recommend!!

    Brandee Alexander Avatar
    Brandee Alexander

    So happy to have found such a great practice, always overwhelming finding new providers when you move. I appreciate that they offer so many services! I had booked an appointment a month out and they called to offer me an earlier appointment after a cancellation. The staff is amazing, so welcoming, knowledgeable and transparent. Modern equipment and comfortable office, plus they were very mindful of operating during the tricky times of COVID. They will also cover your parking which is great for a downtown office!

    Trey Thomas Avatar
    Trey Thomas

    This place is fantastic. The offices are modern, clean, and have all the modern technologies of dentistry. The visits are efficient and the staff is extremely welcoming. Don’t like the dentist? Then sit back and watch a movie while wearing noise cancelling headphones to block out the sounds of a dentist office.

    Rossana Bowers Avatar
    Rossana Bowers

    Outstanding as always Bianca!, by far the best hygienist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on my teeth... you provide much more than cleaning; I appreciate the comprehensive exam, and know (based on previous experience) if additional work is required Dr. Jackson and the rest of his team will afford me the same quality of care.

    Terry Cgren Avatar
    Terry Cgren

    Very professional and accommodating to offer accelerated appointments due to cancellations. Very efficient in the office and using high tech, including 3D teeth imaging. They can also create crowns on location in short time that were a perfect fit the first time.

    Cassandra Acoff Avatar
    Cassandra Acoff

    Love the staff. Always friendly and welcoming. I felt totally safe at my visit today. They were well-prepared for preventing the spread of COVID 19. Thanks guys! 😁✨💫

    Althea Moore Avatar
    Althea Moore

    Jackson Dental has excellent service. The people who work there are kind and courteous. My teeth are well taken care of when you are serviced by Jackson Dental. Love this Dentist!

    Jared Tur Avatar
    Jared Tur

    The best dental practice I have ever been to! I highly recommend Jackson Dental for all your dental needs. I am one of those that hate the dentist and actively avoids it. However, after a few visits with Jackson Dental, I actually look forward to my appointments.

    The staff is professional, incredibly competent, not to mention polite and friendly. The equipment is up to date providing a painless and comfortable experience. I would recommend Jackson Dental to everyone but especially those that might be a bit fearful of the dentist.

    Robert Sells Avatar
    Robert Sells

    I have been going here for over 2 years now and everything about my experiences have been nothing less then exceptional. Great location, staff, cleanliness and knowledge.

    Zaheda Herman Avatar
    Zaheda Herman

    I've been seeing Dr. Jackson since I moved to Tampa 6 years ago. These doctors and all the staff are great! Prefossional, upbeat, caring, super sanitary before and extra extra now, up to date on all technology and procedures. I recommend him to all my family, friends and co-workers. If you want someone great in the downtown area please check him out. Walking distance to most businesses and parking in the garage and street parking. I really like these guys and gals. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Melissa Ryerse Avatar
    Melissa Ryerse

    New to Tampa and I needed a broken crown replaced. Without knowing anyone here, I trusted the Yelp reviews and chose Jackson Dental. WOW!! It was the best dental experience I have ever had! All of the staff is so warm and genuinely friendly! They are also so great at what they do - I was 100% comfortable throughout the entire procedure! My previous dentist of 20 years (in Georgia) could learn a lot from this practice!

    Patricia G. Avatar
    Patricia G.

    There is nothing "fun" about unexpectedly needing a crown, but I love Dr. Jackson's "one and done" process, it works great for me. This was my second such emergency need and YaYa, Ebony and the rest of his staff are great about getting you in ASAP (very important!) and also about keeping you comfortable while you are there. A bonus is listening to the "Howard/Robin" style patter between Dr. Jackson and Ebony while they work, whatever chattiness Dr. Jackson lobs out, Ebony throws the ball right back and keeps it going -- that ease and chattiness really kept my mind off what was going on and especially, the "how much longer" thoughts I always am fighting! My experience was exactly as they described, virtually down to the minute I would walk out the door!

    I have recommended a good handful of my coworkers to Dr. Jackson's practice and all have gone and loved him.

    Traci W. Avatar
    Traci W.

    Dr. Jackson is the most amazing dentist you will ever meet. He knows how to handle the most difficult situation and makes the best of it. Be honest, the dentist is never someone you want to see. However, when it comes to getting things done...I would fly to Dr. Jackson to have him fix my teeth. The best part is...He will always be there with a smile!

    Erica C. Avatar
    Erica C.

    Dr. Jackson and the whole staff are so kind, and they are always transparent about the expectations around treatment. Dr. Jackson has a great sense of humor and genuinely cares about his patients being comfortable. Also, an added perk - the downtown location is super convenient for those who work/live in the area!

    Ryan D. Avatar
    Ryan D.

    I've been to about a dozen different dentists from Ohio to North Carolina and now Florida. I can say from my experience that Dr. Jackson and his staff are in a league of their own. I have never been to a dentist with so many amenities, so many types of medical technologies, and such friendly employees. The staff are all an absolute pleasure with which to talk. An Dr. Jackson is very professional, fun to talk to, and very intelligent. He is very open about what needs to be done and does not do operations without solid evidence. If we ever leave the state, finding a new dentist with this level of care, courtesy, and professionalism will be impossible.

    Amilcar B. Avatar
    Amilcar B.

    Dr. Jackson and his team are super friendly, helpful, and quick. The hygienists are thorough and have a light touch. Just perfect!