• Diogo Rodrigues Avatar
    Diogo Rodrigues

    Absolute class, from start to finish. The team at Jackson Dental is the epitome of a team that loves what they do and who they do it for. As a first time patient here, I was taken care of better than I have in all my years of going through dental offices in different countries and locally here in Florida.

    I could write a novel on this office but simply put a big thank you to Angie, Delanie (sorry if I misspelled your name), Ashley and Dr. Sheffield. You were all very genuine, informative and a pleasure to meet. Look forward to trusting you with my smile.

    If you're reading this review, don't hesitate to book with them.

    Lauren Avatar

    I've been going to Jackson Dental since 2019. This review is way overdue. I've always had anxiety when getting my teeth cleaned or anything dental related , however I can honestly say my anxiety has improved since I became a patient. They have comfortable chairs, netflix and state of the art equipment. The office is the most efficient provider's office I've ever been to. My appointments are always on time and I'm always very clear on cost before coming in. The best part of the office is the wonderful staff. Dr. Jackson is personable, honest and very knowledgeable.s As someone who works in a client facing business, I admire how helpful and kind the entire staff is. Highly recommend!

    Jorge Nuguid Avatar
    Jorge Nuguid

    I moved here about a year and a half ago and just recently found Jackson dental. I was recommended by a friend of mine. Let me start off by saying not only are the staff so friendly and professional JACQUE was my hygienist today for my periodontal cleaning. We had a ton of laughs she was amazing! What people can make a personal experience amazing it can go along way. For me myself being in the customer service business it’s HIGHLY APPRECIATED! If you haven’t found a dentist in the Tampa area don’t wait!

    Luke Herchenbach Avatar
    Luke Herchenbach

    The staff here is so kind and very friendly. If all dentist offices were just like this one and staffed by clones of the staff at Jackson Dental, no child would ever developed odontophobia.

    This is also the first time in my life that I’ve gone to the dentist and my gums didn’t bleed.

    As long as I live within driving distance of this practice, I’ll be a patient here.

    Steven Desjarlais Avatar
    Steven Desjarlais

    Viviana epitomizes what a great dental experience should feel like for patients. She is always in a great mood with her clients from what I’ve seen and her presence elevates my Jackson Dental visit every time. Kudos to Viviana!

    Lauren Katz Avatar
    Lauren Katz

    I have been coming to Jackson Dental for a few years now (usually see Annah who is awesome) but just had a small cosmetic procedure done to fill in two chips in my front tooth. Wow. It looks literally perfect, was so fast and painless. Both Dr. Jackson and Viviana made me feel so comfortable and explained every step. I am extremely happy and would (always) recommend Dr. Jackson and his office

    Angela Avatar

    I hadn't been in since before the pandemic started, so I was a bit anxious to be back at the dentist. Luckily my sweet hygienist Delani [SP] made me feel completely at-ease and comfortable (can't wait to see you again for my next cleaning!). She and Dr. Sheffield took their time and thoroughly explained my treatment options. Ashley in billing was super friendly, was patient with my questions and didn't rush me out the door (which I appreciate so much). I'm looking forward to having a beautiful smile again soon and love my care team! Thank you ladies!

    Brian Parisey Avatar
    Brian Parisey

    Dr. Phelps and Viviana are Amazing. Very professional, skilled, and patient focused. They make you feel very comfortable. Also the technology used is impressive. Thank you for a great experience.

    Hannah Compton Avatar
    Hannah Compton

    Started my morning off with the best dentist, Dr. Jackson and his assistant, Viviana who made me feel so comfortable getting a filling. Every step they take is well thought out to get you in and out and on your way!

    Vrraj Patel Avatar
    Vrraj Patel

    Overall my experience at Jackson Dental has been amazing. Viviana was my assistant and she delivered excellent service all the way through. Making sure I was comfortable at every step and providing very thorough explanations of my teeth which I am very thankful for.

    Justin Marder Avatar
    Justin Marder

    Everyone at Jackson dental was amazing! Viviana was my dental assistant and went above and beyond! Never had an experience like this at the dentist and would highly recommend coming here to anyone. Well worth the drive from Winter Haven!

    Logan Meriwether Avatar
    Logan Meriwether

    Very happy to have found Dr. Jackson’s dental practice. The first exam was great, Dr. Jackson and all of the staff go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment. Great playlist always playing throughout the office, and everyone is always smiling. Specifically Destiny, she is awesome as an assistant, very proactive in her patient care, and very transparent when presenting care plans or if any problems arise during a procedure. Great experience all around.

    Hannah Colston Avatar
    Hannah Colston

    Dr. Sheffield, Viviana, and the whole Jackson Dental team are the best! From their joyful greeting as I walked in to the attentiveness throughout my visit and all the explanations in between, they made me feel relaxed and well cared for. I will definitely be recommending them to my family and friends!

    Rachel Rozin Avatar
    Rachel Rozin

    Absolutely phenomenal experience. Probably the best dental visit of my life, and I was just a first time patient. The technology was amazing and the staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I had Viviana and Dr. Sheffield, as well as a visit from Jackie, and spoke to Steven during my checkout and I cannot praise them enough for being awesome. I felt at ease the whole time, and considered myself downright pampered by the fact that the chair has a MASSAGE SETTING?!! Amazing.

    Imani Cruz Avatar
    Imani Cruz

    I had a crown done here in 2015 and I am coming back 7 years later to leave this review because I am still so pleased with it. It was my first dental procedure and I am so glad I lucked out with Dr. Jackson. I have gotten compliments on it from literally every dentist I have ever visited since (even in Japan!) to the point where they want his info. I have never had an issue with it and can only tell its there because it stays perfectly white. Highly recommend this office for quality and lasting work.

    Jessica Eakes Avatar
    Jessica Eakes

    I have had nothing short of an incredible experience both times I have been here. I do not necessarily love going to the dentist, but everyone here is so kind and amazing at what they do. The staff at the front are so friendly. I forgot to get her name, but the lady in the billing department is so throurough and patient. Dr. Phelps and Troy had me laughing and feeling comfortable during my entire appointment, truly amazing personalities and great people all around. They did great work on my teeth and I'm so grateful! Definitely come here if you are looking for a new dental office!

    Jill Waters Avatar
    Jill Waters

    Super friendly and personable staff. I have never loved going to the dentist, but they make you feel very comfortable! Jackson Dental makes me actually WANT to go to the Dentist. A great experience overall!

    Kelsey Labarbera Avatar
    Kelsey Labarbera

    I was so nervous going into the office because I had not had a cleaning in quite some time. They were all so kind and non judgmental. I can’t express how comfortable they made me feel. I needed cavities filled and a deep cleaning. I actually had a great experience with both procedures! Highly recommend this office for all your needs.

    Sylvia Johnson Avatar
    Sylvia Johnson

    My former dentist suggested an expensive combination of veneers and crowns during a recent visit to correct some wearing of my teeth, so I sought a second opinion from Jackson Dental. Their equipment is cutting edge and I was so impressed by their efficiency and the caring attitude of the staff that I signed up that same day for their recommended treatment.
    My smile has improved not only because the (all) crowns are whiter but because Dr. Jackson corrected my bite and was able to lengthen my worn teeth, which my former dentist was not going to do.
    The staff is friendly , infinitely patient, and explain everything that is happening. They even gave me a faux fur rug to keep me warm when I first arrived rain-soaked. I can thoroughly recommend this practice.

    Katherine Izzo Avatar
    Katherine Izzo

    I rarely, if ever, write reviews but I couldn’t help myself because they really deserve it. Jackson Dental is hands down the best dentist in the Tampa Bay Area. I was very particular with what I was looking for in my dentistry work and Dr. Jackson was/is always so patient with me, always knew exactly what I was looking for in cosmetic dentistry without me even having to tell him, very up to date with technology and innovative work; he gave me the smile that I truly wanted my whole life. The staff there as a whole is always so welcoming and friendly! Also, never a long wait or even a wait at all! I have really never seen a business run so smoothly and effortlessly. On top of that the office is absolutely gorgeous, who knew a dentist office could look so good?? This is really only touching the surface, I could go on and on about all of the wonderful things this office has to offer. if you’re thinking about going there, do not hesitate and do yourself a favor by experiencing what it means to be a patient for Jackson Dental for yourself because you will not regret it!

  • Elizabeth Yahn Avatar
    Elizabeth Yahn

    I have been to my share of dentists and the care is always usually the same ho hum and I can never remember anyone's name and people do not seem to introduce themselves at all. That is NOT the case with Jackson Dental. EVERYONE is polite and attentive. They were prepared and expecting me, introduced themselves, and walked me through the entire process making sure I was comfortable and understood everything. Best of all I KNOW what to expect at my future appointments because they developed short and long term goals.

    The only little ding that would cause me to dock half a star is that the youngest they take is 16 and my son will be 15 🙁 and this is the kind of care he needs. We're both ready to ditch the patronizing care of the "baby" dentist!

    And where they can improve (but not gonna knock a star) is: 1. Give Dr. Jackson a chill pill or some how siphon some of that energy! Whew, never met a faster talker that identified as male! But he was great, funny, and made me feel comfortable.
    2. Directions to the office are pretty clear but for us visual people a little diagram or signs in the building would be helpful.
    3. Finish that renovation! 😂 i am sure the staff is saying the same thing, and I am sure it will be awesome.

    Thank you for amazing service and working with me where I am! From Steven who stood to greet me (that was top class there) to Norma's photo work, and April's excellent cleaning and exam, everyone went above and beyond in my opinion.

    Jeanine O'Connell Avatar
    Jeanine O'Connell

    The best experience I have ever had at any medical office ever. Staff is incredibly friendly, fun and knowledgable. They took the time to go over my dental information thoroughly. I never felt like "a number", I was never rushed or treated like I "didn't know anything because I am not medical professional". The staff really made the entire experience enjoyable and I am looking forward to my next visit.

    Justin Jackette Avatar
    Justin Jackette

    Great operation , great results. Staff is friendly and informative. Makes the dreaded dentist appointment a nice break from work. Hattie could do stand up and April knows every song that comes on the radio.
    Highly recommend.

    Anna Rosenblum Avatar
    Anna Rosenblum

    I had my first dental cleaning at Jackson today and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because I was very overdue for a cleaning (thanks COVID). Thanks to April, this was the easiest, most comfortable, and most thorough dental cleaning I have ever had. April was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Would definitely recommend!

    TJ Johnson Avatar
    TJ Johnson

    I am a brand new patient to Jackson Dental. I have to say. I have never in my life (I'm 55) been given the most comprehensive x-ray's of my teeth like was done in the office today. I was very impressed with the attention to detail, professionalism and timeliness of Dr Scheffield and her assistant.
    Britney, who handles billing. Did a thorough and complete job of explaining the outline of my procedures that were to occur over the next several visits as well as a breakdown of the cost.
    So happy I found my new dental office. Thank you Jackson Dental. And I big thank you to Dr Scheffield.

    Nelly Acosta-Martinez Avatar
    Nelly Acosta-Martinez

    I'm a new patient at this office and I LOVE IT! Everyone I've encountered from the front desk all the way to Dr. Jackson has been super friendly, comforting, and knowledgeable. I went in for a routine cleaning knowing I needed a root canal/crown, and wanted to discuss Invisalign......it was full speed ahead. I had everything done INCLUDING my 1st tray of Invisalign in EXACTLY 1 month! Highly recommend this office.

    Erin Murphy Avatar
    Erin Murphy

    Jackson Dental is awesome! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and make every trip to the dentist worry free. As self-proclaimed “dental nerds”, the staff stays up-to-date with new techniques and works to master those skills and technologies. I’ve recommended Jackson Dental to several friends and coworkers and none have been disappointed.

    Kelly S Avatar
    Kelly S

    Friendly, helpful and innovative. Usually you have to wait weeks for a permanent crown but they were able to create one for me in about an hour! They use cutting edge technology, spend time talking you through everything and they have great music pumping! I am so thankful my friend referred me to Dr. Sara and I highly recommend her.

    AR productions Avatar
    AR productions

    Jackson Dental is the best dentist in the area, hands down. They have the latest technology, are cutting edge in the dentistry discipline, and have the best staff who are not only great at their jobs, but kind, professional, and a lot of fun. I came to them very self conscious about my smile. After their amazing work now I can't stop smiling. Thanks Jackson Dental!!!!

    Michael rustenberghe Avatar
    Michael rustenberghe

    I am 60 something years old. I have literally spent many many hours in dentist chairs. My experience today at Dr. Jackson’s office was truly amazing. After he numbed me which I felt Very little of if I felt it at all. He worked on me for an hour and a half straight. The technology that they used to keep your mouth open so your jaw did not get sore was amazing. I literally fell asleep at one point while he was working on my teeth. I can honestly say I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson’s office to anyone and say he’s probably one of the best dentist I’ve ever visited.

    Thank you Dr Jackson and team!!!

    Yaritza Santiago Avatar
    Yaritza Santiago

    Dr. Jackson and the staff are always welcoming and full of smiles. I was so pleased with my results that naturally when my son was in need of invisalign I begged Dr. Jackson to review his case. While he was hesitant due to his age, he took a chance. I am happy to say my son's treatment went so well he finished early and with great results. Forever thankful!

    Laurie McGuinness Avatar
    Laurie McGuinness

    Literally the best. I've had major dental issues my whole life due to growing up in foster care, depression medication causing dry mouth and grinding. Other dentists have embarrassed me for the work I needed to have done. Visiting the dentist used to be a painful experience. Not with Dr. Jackson. His positive vibe is infectious. The entire staff is professional, efficient and above par. The technology he uses is cutting edge. He has everything available on the market in office. I won't say I love going to the dentist, but I no longer have to take medication before my appointment. And I do love seeing everyone at Jackson dental. Seriously. (P.S. I've moved to Maryland and still fly to Tampa for appointments.)

    Angela Hughes Avatar
    Angela Hughes

    Wonderful office! They were able to get me in last minute to install a crown before I move out of state. The entire staff were professional and friendly. Cannot recommend enough.

    Amanda Derby Avatar
    Amanda Derby

    I always appreciate how kind and professional the entire team is at Jackson Dental. I went in for a cleaning yesterday and actually enjoyed the experience! Dr. Sheffield went above and beyond a basic exam and polished a stain on my front tooth. It looks so much better! And Bianca was quick and gentle with the cleaning. I highly recommend!

    Ryan Smyth Avatar
    Ryan Smyth

    Just got back from my first cleaning/sealant/filling treatment and it is easy to see why this place is five stars. Staff is so upbeat, nice and professional. Dr. Jackson clearly loves what he does and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. I was in the chair for two hours and they ensured I was comfortable every step of the way. So glad I choose this place for my dental needs.

    I wish every business treated their clients/patients/customers the way this place treats you.

    Alexandra Strycharz Avatar
    Alexandra Strycharz

    Dr. Jackson goes above and beyond for his patients, and the entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I’ve had many visits to their office and it’s been extremely pleasant every time. Great energy, fantastic treatment, and the best office environment with state of the art equipment and practices. Anyone seeking proper cosmetic dental care should look no further!

    Michael Shaw Avatar
    Michael Shaw

    Highly recommend Jackson Dental. Staff is nice. Office is very professional and organized. Dental staff do great work on cleanings and fillings and are very knowledgeable. Top notch equipment. Nice bonus is that their dental rooms have a big glass window that looks out into Downtown Tampa. Office is located on the 2nd floor of what’s currently known as the BOA building.

    eric weaver Avatar
    eric weaver

    Wow, clean teeth with no pain! Never thought this was even possible before Jackson’s!

    I’ve seen what seems to be a hundred different dentists by now. Never before could I sit in a chair for 30 minutes, and stay in complete comfort and peace. I have friends who are afraid of the dentists.

    Wow, Jackson’s is the best, taking such good care of me. Clean, comfortable, and so much more! A complete cleaning with no pain! Never a poke or an oops, but always a perfect cleaning PAIN FREE! They can move those tools and clean effortless, like magic. I never want any other dentist touching my teeth, Jackson’s is the best!

    Thanks, God Bless, e;-)

    Madonna Carey Avatar
    Madonna Carey

    By far, the best dentist I've ever had. All of his staff are amazing! They are always on schedule, super efficient, use the best and latest technology, never try to sell you on things you don't need. I highly recommend this dental practice!

    Lilly Flannery Avatar
    Lilly Flannery

    Needless to say we have been with Dr Jackson for quite a few years now. We followed him from his previous practice in new Tampa because we thought and continue to think that he is the best dentist in town not only is he the best but his staff is extraordinary. They are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable. The staff explains things in a clear manner and they are always looking out for your best interest! I strongly recommend Dr Jackson’s practice.