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KöR® Whitening is the newest, most revolutionary and effective teeth whitening system ever developed. In fact, it is unchallenged as the most effective teeth whitening system in the world. Unlike typical teeth whitening procedures: 



• KöR is the only whitening system in the world refrigerated constantly from the instant of manufacture until YOU use it, ensuring absolute freshness and effectiveness. The difference is amazing!

• KöR Whitening is so effective, it is the only recognized system in the world that will even whiten tetracycline (dark) stained teeth, which was previously thought to be impossible.

• With KöR you whiten while you sleep in total comfort.  No need to find time to whiten during your busy day. And KöR-Seal™ Whitening Trays are so comfortable that most patients wake up in the morning having forgotten the trays are even in their mouths.

• With easy periodic at-home maintenance your teeth can stay white permanently, even while you continue to drink red wine, tea, coffee etc.

• During the whitening process nearly all patients experience only low to typically no teeth sensitivity.

• The KöR procedure is comfortable and 100% safe for your teeth and gums. The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile that you will LOVE!  It’s perfect for everyone!

 • Decades of scientific research and millions of whitening cases have proven KöR® Whitening is entirely safe for teeth and gums.


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Available KöR Treatment Options



*Professional KöR In-office Treatment


IN-OFFICE KöR MAX - Includes…

*2 KöR Whitening Syringes  For Home Pre-Treatment

*Professional KöR In-office Treatment

*KöR-Seal™ Whitening Trays



Whitening Treatment for Fluorosis and Tetracycline

*Please Call For Details




• Why does KöR® Whitening work so well?

The KöR Whitening System works by restoring your teeth's youthful ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from its whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving and removing stain molecules.

• How does the KöR® Whitening system work?

Molds of your teeth will be made to fabricate your own unique, ultra-comfortable KöR-Seal™ whitening trays. You and your dentist will select which level of KöR Whitening is the proper fit for you. Most patients wear their KöR-Seal Whitening Trays at home for two weeks while they sleep. Depending on your selections, you may have one or two simple whitening visits in the dental office.

 • How long does KöR® Whitening last?

Unlike other whitening methods, with easy periodic home maintenance, KöR Whitening is entirely permanent.

 • Is there pain or discomfort with KöR® Whitening?

 Many have experienced pain during teeth whitening. Maybe you've experienced it yourself. After years of research, development and clinical testing, Dr. Rod Kurthy, the inventor of KöR Whitening, introduced a whitening gel that, in most cases, produces little to no sensitivity. As a result, most patients have no discomfort from whitening when using this system.  We have found KöR Whitening to be the gentlest whitening system available.




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